At bodybysharona, health and wellness are not about watching the number on the scale, but about engaging in activities you love, eating good, healthy food, having a positive outlook and creating a balance in life.

“Fitness isn’t about fitting in”. We believe that we all have the same goals of living a healthier and more vibrant life, but that we all must follow our own unique path to achieving those goals. We at bodybysharona, care about your success, your uniqueness and your accomplishments of your goals.

Working on your fitness is our priority as it is yours!

                                                                                           Don't just take our word for it...
Thank you for your continuous support, professionalism and patience. Your training program has changed my life for the better and given me balance and motivation for staying fit every day of the week!
- Lola
Sharona is a very diligent in her work and coordinates the exercise schedule and pattern in line with the individual requirements of the person. Very friendly and courteous person who understands the needs of the client and works towards their goals.
- Jerrine & Joji

I engaged Sharona last year as a personal trainer when I decided to compete in the Mrs Singapore pageant.

I have been consistently working out with her for about a year now and I have seen amazing results in my physical fitness. Sharona is a very passionate and dedicated Trainer. She worked with me closely to achieve my fitness goals and I was in top shape during my competition. I lost 4KG and developed a lean & toned body. She also shares alot of tips on diet and other areas of health & fitness.

Sharona is not only is a trainer, she's also a very good mentor whom I look up to & respect. She's a very empowering woman!. My Husband was so impressed with my fitness results that he also eventually signed up with Sharona this year!

I highly recommend Sharona to anyone seeking to transform their fitness levels with a passionate & dedicated Trainer!

- Anne Goswami
Entrepreneur & Mrs Singapore Universe 2015

Faced with the prospect of turning 40 and dealing with a rapidly declining metabolism, we decided we needed extra help in getting in shape. Sharona understood the family and work demands on our time and crafted a workout plan that we could do quickly and efficiently at home or in the gym. Her focus on proper form meant we could get the maximum benefit from each exercise without spending hours in the gym.

She is also a veritable fount of valuable advice on nutrition and have helped us get on track in terms of diet. Sharona's warm and friendly personality makes it easier for us to haul our butts to the gym. It's like working out with a friend. With Sharona in your corner, you will have the best start in your wellness journey!

- Angie Tan & Charlotte Gill